I Really Suck at This Blogging Thing.

March 27, 2009 at 2:52 pm 1 comment

So I’ve been on break from school and work for a week, so you would think during this time I would have little excuse but to update. It’s amazing how easily I find things to do other than write.

The problem isn’t a lack of things to write about. I have dozens of posts stored up in my head, about the drag show I put on, or the classes I took, the paper on Sex and the City and whiteness, which I wrote for one of said classes, or even an ode to coffee, my perfect drug. I wrote none of these posts, and will now try to devote the last four days before school to addressing each one. (And then probably go silent again for another twelve weeks, naturally, because, really, who am I kidding?)

So first! The drag show! Oh my lord, the drag show. It ate my life up for most of the quarter. I had to run auditions, deal with publicity snafus, make sure the organizers of my raffle did their thing and my volunteer coordinators did theirs, and then there was the fun week where I thought I had no sound engineer. That was a fun week. Lots of sleep lost.

Then, finally, rehearsals came and some of the acts were uh…not very good. Very very sloppy indeed. However, control freak that I am, we whipped those acts into shape until they were good, stage-worthy acts, and then we had the show. But first we had THE SNOW.

Now, this was not a lot of snow, mind you, but here it doesn’t take much snow to be a Major Weather Event that keeps people in their houses and away from charity shows. It didn’t help that our publicity materials were three weeks late. And apparently we’re suffering some sort of economic crisis? I dunno, it was on the news. So, sadly, attendance wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be, but we still managed to raise a couple thousand for some very deserving charities.

And those who didn’t attend missed one helluva show. If you don’t believe me, just look at the photographic evidence:

This is my boss.

This is my boss. Casey by day, Anne Drogenous by night!

Annie Position - Xanadu

Annie Position - Xanadu

Brokeback Billy

Brokeback Billy - Smoke Rings in the Dark

Lillian Cumfterbull: Dance 10, Looks 3 (Tits and Ass)

Lillian Cumfterbull - Dance 10, Looks 3 (Tits and Ass)

Miranda Majesty - Vogue

Miranda Majesty - Vogue

Sir Licksalot - Like a Boy

Sir Licksalot - Like a Boy

Wanda Fuckalot - Take Me Or Leave Me

Wanda Fuckalot - Take Me Or Leave Me

Queen Bee - Single Ladies

Queen Bee – Single Ladies

Truly, all of my queens and kings were a site to behold. A few of them have been invited to do their performances elsewhere after the show. I helped my boss do his makeup for one last weekend, and his act was by far one of the best in the show. Despite all the hard work, missed sleep and occasional nervous breakdown, the drag show was, thus far, the most rewarding two months of hell I’ve been endured in a long time.


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I Went to the Desert, and it Rained. I Hate it When Friday Resembles Monday.

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  • 1. kdiddy  |  March 27, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    awesome. would you believe that I was randomly singing, “Dance 10, Looks 3,” at the bus stop this morning?

    also, this new layout is the hotness.


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