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So, this week has been a little on the insane side, juggling training and program planning and meetings and three posts a week at MamaPop. Thus, any writing time I had was spent over there and not here, which is probably for the best, since over there more than 20 people read what I write. Still, if you are interested, this week I wrote about:


Two of the above were selected as the featured post of the day, which means they ran at the top of the page all day instead of disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle we call “Page 2”. So, that was pretty dope.


On the work side of things, I am SLAMMED. I have at least three projects on my plate that are all high priority and I’m certain I’m missing important details to make sure they’re executed well. I am partially to blame for this, because my delegation abilities are somewhat lacking. And with the additional needs to organize our office, make sure our resource library is properly cataloged and organized, and submitting requisite expenditure requests so we can supply our office with trivial things like pens and paper, it’s kind of maddening how much there is to do in the next two weeks. This is while also preparing myself for doing this job WHILE TAKING 15 CREDITS, which seems impossible from where I stand, because I feel like I can barely keep my head above water without the mountains of schoolwork and attending class. However, a lot of the current insanity has to do with the extensive training I’m in every day (8-4:30 all next week, just about), taking up much of the time I’d otherwise devote to preparing for the upcoming school year. 


Thankfully, three credits of my courseload are kind of a cake walk (assembling my writing portfolio; no actual class time) and two credits are digital video production, which should also be fairly laid-back, but the other ten will be pretty meaty — “Rhetorical Theory and Criticism” and “The American Legal System.” Naturally, those two courses also the ones that I am most excited about. 


So, anyway, if the pickins seem slim here for the next few weeks, please don’t worry. I’m just crumpled in a ball in my windowless office, sucking my thumb and murmuring, “it’s…so cold here. Where’s my mommy?”


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Apologies in Advance to My Mother. “The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.”

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