PixelJunk Eden is my new anti-antidrug

August 6, 2008 at 5:07 pm 1 comment

Andrew is in Eugene, OR for a week doing something with computers and, more importantly, making mad overtime. I am one part excited and two parts bummed about the time alone. I will mostly miss the hell out of that guy, because it’s the longest time we’ve been apart in three years and he’s my BFF. How will I watch Project Runway without him by my side to snark with or yell at the judges! On the other hand, I’ll probably get a lot of reading and writing done, plus I get the television ALL TO MYSELF. This includes unbridled access to  the Playstation 3, so I may totally OD on my current geeky obsession, PixelJunk Eden


Here is some in-game footage of the game:


This game satisfies almost every cell in my body that remembers my raver days in the 90s, excepting the ones that really, REALLY liked ecstasy, which actually cry out in a tiny little groan of withdrawal pain when I play.

(Luckily most of those cells have been sloughed with time or, you know, fried like that egg in the commercial, or Nightmare on Elm Street 6.)


Basically, your character is this little seed-sprout-looking little bugger called a Grimp, and you spin through the air or twirl by your silk  around plants and things collecting pollen that creates new plants that help you reach the extremely vaginal flowers you must collect to pass the levels, or gardens, in the game. The music is very soothing techno that reminds me of late night after-parties where you eased yourself back to the ground after a night of rolling and heavy dancing. The backgrounds and movement are soothing and trippy at once.


I really could not sound more like an e-tard than when I am talking about this game so, please know, I have been clean and sober for, like, seven years now.


Aaaanyway, if I can manage to put down the controller for anything that is not related to eating, relieving myself (or going to work so I may continue to receive money to exchange for the goods and services like electricity that allow me to play Eden on my off time), I might deep-clean the house and organize some closets and then sit on the couch beaming at my extremely clean abode. 


Hey, it could happen.


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Irrational Fears. The Single Life, Redux.

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  • 1. Ed  |  August 7, 2008 at 6:34 am

    Gee, thanks for the taste of that, which only comes on the effing PS3… Oh well, back to losing at Mario Kart and being embarrassed by Wii Fit.


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