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July 13, 2008 at 8:12 am Leave a comment

Ugh. Grunt.

Hello world. It’s morning in Casa Snarky. Make it stop?

I feel vaguely hungover, but without at least the consoling memory of having done anything fun. I spent the better part of yesterday moving someone else’s shit from an apartment in one part of town to another apartment nearer to campus. An apartment on the third floor. In a building with no. fucking. elevator. With my shitty ’87 Nissan Sentra – not exactly the kind of car that carries huge loads. It took four trips.

Not even entirely sure why I offered to do this. Please note I said offered. I was not approached by this person to move her shit. I OFFERED. I have no idea what I was smoking when that offer was made, but I should find out and do PSASs about the dangers of whatever it is. 

I think I have somewhat of an idea, I guess, but it involves delving way more into my psyche than I care to this morning, but let’s just say I have a problem with needing approval that extends into a need to seem overly helpful and, by extension, needed or useful to keep around. OMG ABANDONMENT ISSUES.

To show you just how crazy I am, the person whom I helped move is actually the person I will sort of be the boss of in a month. SHE SHOULD BE SEEKING MY APPROVAL, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, ARGH!

Anyhoo, my body is achy and my back is sunburnt, but rather than languish in bed, feeling sorry for myself, I have to get my ass into some state that will not scare the gen-pub so I can march in the pride parade and then table for 8 hours with the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force. If you need to know why I agreed to do this on my Sunday, you clearly have not been paying attention or have poor reading comprehension skills.



So, if anyone needs me, I’ll be the tomato-colored girl at the booth handing out buttons that say “Vagitarian,” “Volunqueer” and “Orgaynizer”.


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