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I don’t have the energy to be a trailblazer.

I had a spike in readers yesterday, probably because I burned my bra over at MamaPop on Tuesday and everyone nominated me for president or asked me to marry them. But then they all went away. Come back, readers!

But, you know, I don’t have any realistic expectations of blog-fame. I am not pretty enough to vlog, so I will be no Rocket Boom or zefrank. I am not a hard-hitting political blogger, so I will never be Josh Marshall or Markos Moulitsas Zúniga. I don’t have kids to make my life hell and say the darnedest things, so I will never make it to the mommyblogger Hall of Fame. But, when my high day for site hits doesn’t even break 100 and then drops down to, like, my husband and all four of my friends, I must actually just, well, suck.

But perspective is important. I just started watching My Life on The D-List, because I’m really up on the trends of two years ago. For example I just started using my Twitter account this week. I started this blog less than a year ago, a full two years after the MSM discovered blogs. If it’s falling out of popularity, I’m running to get on that train! So, seeing how hard a household name like Kathy Griffin has to work to promote herself, I am somewhat humbled. Seeing someone like Kathy, whom I would totally maul and kvetch over if I ever saw her in person, at an interview where the reporter didn’t know who she was until he researched her a half hour before meeting her, is extremely humbling. I love that, when he made that admission, her reaction was to decide it was a lunch, not an interview, and stuff her face with tea cakes and ignore all his questions.

I feel like I need a schtick, you know? What’s my schtick? My tag-line is “I’m just this girl, you know?” Which is partly a Douglas Adams reference, but it’s also true. I’m just this girl. 


But I sure do like to write.

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