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oh. my. god.

While I was at the grocery store, my husband shaved his head. Like…bald. Bruce Willis bald. Billy Zane bald.

My reaction was less than mature:

I cried, and ran away.

So, I feel like shit about the hair, he feels like shit about me crying over it, and I feel like shit that he feels like shit and…well, you get it. It’s a big loop of shit.

It’s just hair, it’ll grow back…it’s just hair, it’ll grow back…

I wish I hadn’t reacted like that.
(I also kinda wish he hadn’t been curious enough to do it in the first place.)

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Quick Poll:

Okay, so a co-worker just sent me this link:

So, what do you think? Is this:

a) Brilliant Satire?


b) Buncha Nutbags?

Please discuss.


Edit: Brilliant satire it is.

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Oh, hey, I have a blog?

I haven’t updated for a long time, obviously. Before, I had a legitimate excuse. I was working 30 hours a week, taking 15 credits of writing intensive work and still trying to keep my house from looking like Grey Gardens.

(Speaking of Grey Gardens, I just finally saw it for the first time last night and now I kind of want to watch it over and over and read everything I can about the Edies.)

Anyhow, school has been out of session for a month now, so my legitimate excuse for not blogging is about as expired as 60% of the contents of my fridge. A comment from a fellow reader at MamaPop reminded me of this blog, which reminded me that I am a writer and that writers should write.

The tragedy is that I had so much good shit to write about while I was immersed in classes about social theory, but it’s all congealed into a gross theory slurry in my brain by now. I must make a concerted effort to process what I’m working through in school and reassemble the bits that bang around my brainpan, and what better place to do it than in my blog for all seven of my readers?

I’ve noted a change in my personality over the last few months, a confidence in my ideals that has translated into an unwillingness to hide them. I am not unashamed of my political views or my feminism. I never have been, really, but I’ve grown into them, grown more aware of my worldview and how to articulate it, and I’ve grown much more vocal as a result. This crops up from time to time at work. I simply refuse to apologize for or shield others from my novel perspective that women are people and voters and breadwinners and deserve equal representation in society, government and the workplace.

As a result, I have gotten a bad reputation, I think, as a humorless bitch. Which is hilarious, because it’s pretty much like, “uh…I’m saying?” The fact that you think that is precisely why I refuse to laugh at your misogynist jokes and, furthermore, call you out for them!

I am currently five and a half weeks away from my last day here, at which time I will take on a horrifically low-salary job on campus as the LGBTA Coordinator. Not that I’m counting. I am looking forward to working in a field I am passionate about and actually making a difference, even if on the surface my job looks like party planning. My two largest projects are planning a Drag Show and a Queer Prom, after all. However, I will also be educating queer and straight students about LGBTQ issues, providing resources and referrals for counseling and other forms of assistance, and will help build a campus coalition of queer students, faculty and allies, who see LGBTQ issues as human issues we must all deal with.

The fact that I have a job I care so much about lined up immediately after one I am so flagrantly dispassionate about, is a dangerous thing indeed. As my termination date grows closer, I find it harder and harder to punch the clock.

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