If the dizzy spells persist, I’m going to need to get a divan to faint into.

February 1, 2008 at 7:59 pm Leave a comment

I am beginning to feel I’ve switched lives with some sickly Victorian ingenue. You know the type, perpetually ill with some ambiguous malady like “exhaustion” and given to fainting spells. I am sick for the third time in a month. I literally swooned today, even.

But circumstances would not permit me to stay home from work, because it would have left my department of four down to just my replacement, who still has to ask me questions every 15 minutes. With our manager out with the same flu I have and our buyer out on a personal day, I had to become what I have always hated: the fucking noble asshole who comes to work even though they’re gravely ill and undoubtedly ends up getting everyone else sick.

When my fever hit 102, I gave up all nobility and told New Girl to call me if she had any questions. She never called, so it either all worked out, or she quit. Whatever.

On Monday there is a meeting between two departments to fight over my time. I don’t really want to be a part of it, so here’s hoping this flu outlasts the weekend. No, srsly, please go away, flu. I didn’t mean it.


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Heart Palpitations. Yes we can.

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