Heart Palpitations.

January 29, 2008 at 3:00 pm Leave a comment

My husband complained that I don’t blog anymore. The truth is, I hardly have the time, between school and work, and I apparently have to get strep throat to find the time.

Today I had a scare that had me thinking I was about to have a lot more extra time. I was called to the office of the VP of HR. While I was told I wasn’t “in trouble” that certainly doesn’t mean I’m not being laid off. I’m part time, and I’ve techinically been replaced, though volume in our department has swelled over the last year and there has been no hurry to get rid of me.

I ran upstairs, ready to have the bandage peeled off quickly, only to discover I didn’t have my badge to get through the security door. When I came back to get it, I whispered to my boss, “Am I being let go? Because I’d rather hear it from you.”

 It turns out I am a dork and they want to offer me a new position.

I don’t know why I always expect the worst, but having been let go in the past, I no longer feel invincible or irreplaceable anywhere, and being a part-timer with a full courseload makes me a good candidate for lay-offs. Last week, an entire repair facility in our company was shut down, so the fear of a lay-off is by no means unwarranted.

A minor heart attack is good for the spirit, right?


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Sick Day Part Deux: Kitchen Nightmares If the dizzy spells persist, I’m going to need to get a divan to faint into.

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