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This morning, I had my admissions interview with Fairhaven College, the school for interdisciplinary studies at WWU. I decided to not dress like a slob like I usually do on Fridays, and wore a skirt, heels and took the time to apply makeup. My interviewer, however, had bedhead and wore an oversized mens dress shirt over a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers so I felt severely overdressed.

Every time I wear makeup, which is rougly 4 times a year, everyone seems to think it’s a marked improvement on my usual appearance, and it makes me feel like shit. “Wow, you look pretty today!” Meh. Am I such a hideous chud without makeup? I’m not even sure why I felt compelled to wear it, frankly.

They let me know there are only 15 open spots for the spring quarter, which wasn’t fantastic news, but the good news is that I can attend WWU and take classes that will apply to my “degree program” (not that I, like, have one yet) with Fairhaven, and then apply to Fairhaven again in the fall or summer, which is apparently a lot more open for new students.

I think I’m getting sick again and I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with the bacteria we worked with in my lab last night. I might just be a horrible hypochondriac.


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