Crap like this pisses me off.

December 2, 2007 at 12:50 pm Leave a comment

Linked in’s Weekly feminist Reader:

Babe of the Week – Outrageous Boobs Gallery and Images

Basically, it’s a nine-page spread of big tits in video games. Wow, GameDaily really went out on a limb, delivering gaming journalism as daring and radical as “LOL Boobs are teh awesome.”

The quote that got my knickers in a twist? “The best part of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is playing as Rachel, though we’re not sure how much that skimpy armor can protect her. From us.” (emphasis mine)


I sent a comment to the editors, because there’s nothing better with your morning latte than an extra shot of indignation:

As a female gamer, I was extremely disappointed when a link elsewhere led me to the “Outrageous Boobs” feature on your site. It’s features like this that make gaming a predominantly male pastime. Perhaps its your objective to perpetuate the boys’ club atmosphere in gaming, but consider this: girls who game don’t bitch when their boyfriends want to game. That is, unless it comes to playing games that promote objectification of and sexualized violence toward women.

If that doesn’t ruffle you at all, you should at least consider how tired and trite features like this are. Setting aside for a moment the body-image issues female characters like these create in young girls — or the unrealistic expectations they instill in boys, for that matter — don’t you think this sort of feature is played out? Wow, big tits in a video game, how novel. At best it’s tired and lazy content. At worst, it’s irresponsible, disrespectful and marginalizing.

Do I think it’ll make a difference? Not really. But I am sick of authors failing to consider the ethical responsibility their text carries. In this case, ethical responsibility is apparently lost on both the makers of games that tell 14 year-old boys that girls can (show me a woman with Lara Croft’s 32Fs and 24 inch waist, and I’ll show you a woman with severe back problems, a horrific boob job, or both) or should look like these women, and the writers who report on those games.


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