Bruno is bad for gays.

November 26, 2007 at 9:23 pm 1 comment

Andrew is watching an episode of Da Ali G Show, wherein Bruno goes to Alabama. I am wincing, as the very Austrian and very gay Bruno baits a homophobic, antisemitic Southerner.

(the part I’m talking about starts 2:20 into the clip)

I find much of Sasha Baron Cohen’s humor funny, and while I appreciate anything that makes people like this look like jack-asses, I can’t find it funny. I just find it sad.

My biggest problem with the sketch was that, in order to “get the laugh”, Bruno essentially perpetuates the stereotype that gay men are after every man’s jock, without discretion or consideration for said man’s sexual preference. Bruno hits on the homophobic antisemite until he’s told that the interview is over and called a fag. Funny!

Perhaps part of the point of the joke was to indicate just how silly it is for this bearded hillbilly to think that twinky Bruno is mad for his cock and out to “recruit” straight men for his Austrian gay army or whatever, but the humor is lost on me, because it does nothing but reaffirm, at least for that particular bigot, that his fears are just. And that particular bigot is very closely related to the kind that would beat a man to death for holding hands with his boyfriend. Again, a laugh riot!

Maybe it doesn’t make any difference at all, since people like that aren’t in the business of having their minds changed anyway, and perhaps I’m just a humorless whiner, but I think it’s anything but funny.


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Goody goody angst. It’s finally happened.

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  • 1. _scapegrace  |  November 27, 2007 at 5:27 pm

    interesting post. i completely agree with you about that clip. it was not in the least bit funny. i ended up just being angry at everyone involved! i’ve never understood the whole”recruiting” thing anyway nor did i like the way the interviews went with Sasha Baron Cohen’s essentially baiting and goading them into saying things.

    On an unrelated note, Happy Birthday!


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