Picture Day/I apparently need someone to manage my finances for me and perhaps even wipe my butt because I’m clearly incapable of taking care of myself.

November 15, 2007 at 12:11 pm 1 comment

Today was picture day at work. Just like fifth grade! They’re revamping our intranet and (finally) putting up pictures for each employee so that people from our other divisions can put faces to the names of people they email daily. I say finally, because we work in the corporate headquarters, and every other division has had something similar on their intranet for more than half a decade.

I completely forgot it was picture day, so even though it turned out I was dressed halfway respectably today and managed to make my hair presentable, I did not wear makeup so, while otherwise a flattering picture, it pretty much screams, “Hi, I’m Amber, and my face is so shiny, you can read by the light of it!” Whatev.

My class was canceled today but I, err, forgot to inform my employer and went to the coffee shop instead of working through the afternoon. Again, whatev.

An unfortunate snafu in personal banking resulted in my account becoming severely overdrawn, and while it was an honest mistake on my part relating to blindly trusting technology (WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THAT?), I apparently can’t get the charges reversed on the grounds of, “but the website said the funds transfer went through, WTF!?”

Yeah, I’m going to be 27 in two weeks and I can’t manage my bank account. Rad.

When I told them my sob story about how I watched my husband transfer funds into the account on their website, so they should be there to cover my charges, the bank teller kind of shrugged. It was over the phone, but the indifferent shrug of Tasha the Teller was definitely palpable through the telephone wire. Betch.

So I’m now stuck with the four!teen! overdraft charges that ensued. I should note that, of the 14 charges made to my card, exactly one of them was over $10.

Moral of the story?:I should not be allowed to have a debit card.

I’m probably being a little too hard on myself, I guess. I haven’t done this since I was about 20, and this time it was a less stupid kind of stupidity. But being slightly less stupid than you were at 20 is really not saying much.


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